I’m a Brazilian game/graphics developer, living currently in Florianópolis-Brazil. Passionate by games since my Magnavox Odyssey, my first contact with game programming started 10 years ago with some OpenGL experiments, that led me into the game industry. I still have some free time to practice guitar, play lots of games, develop my ones and still have a bit of a social life.


5 Responses to -About

  1. Mauro says:

    Dae Jorginho
    parabéns pelas conquistas
    sucesso garoto

    abração tamo ae

  2. Raziel Nomack says:

    Tu é BR Cara? Caramba que massa esse teu Trampo!

  3. Eclectus says:

    Hi J,

    I would like to get in contact with you, I’m a fellow programmer within the Games Industry, and I think we have lots in common. Send me a mail 🙂

  4. hi I can build that program models for games?, I put together a panoramic background of space, for a set of spacecraft in space, how I can put it together?

  5. emphosix says:

    are you still active? We have some problems with our cascaded shadow maps. We´ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. Can you help us?

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